Cash Plus Options
Launch of the Micro-simulations on the Cash Plus Options and Financing Using the MicroZAMOD
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Courtesy call
ZANACO members of staff led by the Chief Executive Officer Ms. Mukwandi Chibesakunda paid a courtesy call on the office of the Honourable Minister.
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courtesy call on the Honourable Minister.
First Quantum Minerals Limited Specialist-Government Affairs Dr. Godwin.M.Beene this morning paid a courtesy call on the Honourable Minister.
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The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) was established in November 1991. This Ministry is key in providing and facilitating the provision of equitable social protection services to communities in order to contribute to sustainable human development.” It contributes to poverty reduction and improved quality of life of citizens in order to foster national development.
At Policy level, the Ministry is headed by a Cabinet Minister. At Executive level, the Ministry is headed by a Permanent Secretary. It has eight (8) Directorates Departments as follows:-
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2021 family for every child - Dialogue Tool

Case Management Flow Chart

COVID Pathways - MOH DSW

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1. Welcome to the SCT Grievance Mechanism web portal.

Through this web portal you may lodge any grievance you may have related to the Social Cash Transfer Programme. You can choose whether your personal details may be known or whether you would like to remain anonymous. Providing your personal details will however help us to better understand our audience. Please make sure that the information you fill in is correct. Disclaimer: Note that all information you fill in will remain confidential.

The Zambian Government is committed to reducing poverty and vulnerability among its population in general and for the poor and vulnerable segments of society in particular. Recognizing that vulnerability and the lack of resilience result from, cause and reinforce poverty, Government's poverty reduction efforts cannot side-line Social Protection. Traditionally, Government has included Social Protection programs as part of the broader social policy.  However, Social Protection implementation continued to be fragmented, uncoordinated, poorly resourced and ineffectively evaluated. The formulation of this National Social Protection Policy is one of Government's dedicated efforts to ensure that the role of social protection in propoor growth remains central and increases in systemic efficiency

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