Department Of Community Development

The Department of Community Development (DCD) is responsible for implementing programmes that empower communities that are vulnerable but have the abilities to work. It has implementation structures from Headquarters, Province, and District to Sub-Center level. Currently, there are a total of 554 sub-centres spread across Zambia and it has been proposed in the devolution plan to increase them to approximately 1624 in line with the number of wards in the country.


The Department of Community Development has the following functions:-

  1. Guidance on the implementation of community based projects and programmes.
  2. Facilitation of the identification of community based projects.
  3. Facilitation of capacity building for community based organizations.
  4. Community mobilization and sensitization.
  5. Facilitation of functional literacy and survival skills.
  6. Coordination and supervision of provincial skills training centres.
  7. Provision of training in community development at the two colleges.
  8. Facilitation of women’s development programmes through the provision of grants and entrepreneurship skills training.


The Department of Community Development implements a number of key programmes and projects that are aimed at up lifting the living standards of the vulnerable groups in Zambia. These programmes and projects include;

  1. Livelihood and Empowerment Support Scheme
  2. Community Self Help initiatives programme
  3. Food Security Pack programme
  4. Community Skills Development Programme
  5. The Community Development Training at the Colleges
  6. Supporting Women’s Livelihood component of the Girls Education and Women’s Empowerment and Livelihoods Project
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