Name: Patrick H. Choolwe

Position: Director

Department: Planning and Information

The Department of Planning and Information is responsible for coordinating, planning and budgeting of information and projects in order to ensure their effective implementation.  It constitutes of 6 Units:

(a) Policy Coordination

  • Parliamentary and Cabinet Liaison
  • Policy Formulation
  • Formulation of Legislation
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Nutrition

(b) Budgeting and Planning

  • Preparation of Ministerial Annual Workplans and Budgets
  • Coordination of on-going and new infrastructure development.

(c) Development Co-operation

  • Facilitates the enhancement of coordination within the Ministry and with external partners e.g UNJP-SP
  • Facilitates collaborations between the Ministry and any other stakeholders through agreements and MOUs during Joint Permanent Commissions.

(d) Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Coordinates the development of cluster plans and advisory group meetings
  • Management of the production of quarterly, annual, economic and other reports
  • Coordinates the periodical monitoring and evaluation of Ministerial programmes and projects
  • Also looking into the aspect of developing integrated tools to be used for monitoring the integration of Ministerial programmes in line with the Integrated Framework of Basic Social Protection Programmes
  • The unit is also responsible for holding the Social Protection Joint Annual Review (JAR).
  • The Department through this Unit coordinates the Poverty and Vulnerability – Cluster Advisory Group under the 7NDP and is the secretariat for progress reporting with Office of the Vice President.

(e) Education Communication and Information (IEC)

  • Communication Strategies
  • Social Development Promotion
  • Inter/Intra Sectoral Linkages and Partners
  • Media and Publications
  • Capacity Building.

(f) Information Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Database Design
  • Database Management
  • Data Storage and Security
  • Capacity Building
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Digitalization
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