The Department of Human Resource and Administration (HRA) is mandated with handling all Human Resource and Administrative activities in the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS). It deals with staff matters pertaining recruitment and placement, and separation and interpretation of Terms and Conditions of Service to members of staff, discipline and payroll management, procurement of goods and services, transport and logistics, training and development and records management. Other functions include cleanliness of the general surroundings, etc.

The HRA Department has the following units:-

(a) Human Resource Management Unit

Mandated with staff recruitment and placement, separation, Staff Discipline, Payroll management, Performance management, Leave management and interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of service for the members of staff in order to enhance the smooth operation of the ministry.

(b) Human Resource Development Unit

This unit is mandated with undertaking training needs assessment and facilitating the training of officers who require training in order to create an up to date and well-educated workplace for the smooth operation of the Ministry.

(c) Administrative Unit

Mandated with providing logistical support services and fleet management in order to enhance the smooth operation of the Ministry.

(d) Registry

It is responsible for records management.  Its objective is to implement and maintain an efficient and effective records management system for improved accessibility to information for decision making. The unit is the custodian of all the staff and policy records in the Ministry.

(e) Procurement Supplies Unit

Effectively provides administrative and logistical support services in order to enhance the smooth operations of the ministry. For instance, the unit coordinates and manages procurement, storage and distribution of goods and services to ensure that the ministry is adequately supplied with its requisites.

The role of the Directorate:

The HRA directorate generally performs the following roles:-

  • Advice: – provides counsel and advice on staff matters to line directorates. For instance, matters related to discipline and payroll Management and Establishment Control System (PMEC).

Advice also includes the preparation and communication of memoranda, procedural guidelines for the interpretation and implementation of policy.

  • Service: – the directorate provides support services to audit directorates on appointments, transfers and promotion of staff, training, finances, provision of secretarial services, and transport etc.

Support services also includes general staff complaints and custody of staff files.

  • Control: – the HRA directorate carries out important control functions. It monitors the performance of audit directorates and ensures that they conform to established HR policy, procedures and best practices in the management of staff.
  • Other controls implored by HRA directorate include encouraging audit directorates conduct staff appraisals on regular basis.