The Department of Finance is responsible for all financial management and accounting support services in order to enhance effective and efficient utilization of public resources. It constitutes of 3 Units:

Milton Sibeene, Director of Finance
Milton Sibeene, Director of Finance

(a)  Expenditure Unit

The unit is in charge of all recurrent and departmental charges RDCs (above the line payments).

(b) Donor Unit

The unit is in charge of the management of donor funds and issues General Receipts and Revenue Returns Reports for NGOs.

(c) Below the line / PAC Unit

The unit is in charge of all below the line payments, salaries, advances and is also responsible for spearheading responses for audit queries.

Functions and Roles of the Department

  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Preparation of cashbooks and bank reconciliations.
  • Providing responses to audit queries
  • Preparation of funding profiles.
  • Preparation of annual budget.

The main activities carried out by the department include;

  • Financial Management System.
  • Updating of accounts records
  • Strengthening district’s financial management and reporting
  • Monitoring and inspection of lower-level units
  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Verification of audit queries
  • Asset Verification
  • Issuance of GRZ General Receipts and produces Revenue Return Reports for Revenue Generating Departments of the Ministry