MCDSS Directorates

These are the directorates that exist in the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services and are responsible for: determining the ministry’s strategic objectives and policies as well as monitoring progress towards achieving the set objectives and policies. The directorates promote the success of the ministry for benefit of the people they serve. Below is the glimpse of the responsibilities charged to each directorate;

Name: Mala Sikazwe

Position: Director

Department: Human Resources and Administration

The Department deals with staff matters pertaining recruitment and placement, and separation and interpretation of Terms and Conditions of Service to members of staff, discipline and payroll management, procurement of goods and services, transport and logistics, training and development and records management. Other functions include cleanliness of the general surroundings.

Name       :   Patrick H. Choolwe

Position   :   Director

Department : Planning, Policy and Information

The Department plays a role of coordination in the programming of Social Protection interventions in areas of planning (including resource mobilization), implementation, monitoring as well as evaluating the programmes.

Name       :   Thomas Phiri

Position   :  Director

Department : Finance

The Department is responsible for all financial management and accounting support services in order to enhance effective and efficient utilization of public resources.

Director AIName      :   Julius Mwanza

Position   :  Director

Department : Internal Audit

The Department to provide independent and objective assurance service on the effectiveness of systems of governance, internal controls and risk management in the Ministry. In addition, the Department provides consulting services designed to add value and help the Ministry improve its operations in the implementation of Government programmes.

Registrar PName      :   Pumulo Mundale

Position   :  Registrar

Department : Registrar for NGOs

The Department is responsible for the registration and regulation of Non-Governmental Organisations in Zambia

Name      :   Nelson Nyangu

Position   :  Director

Department : Social Welfare

The Department of Social Welfare is responsible for the provision and promotion of quality social welfare services aimed at alleviating poverty, reducing destitution, promoting family values and reducing juvenile delinquency.

Name      :   Beatrice Silambe Muyambango

Position   :  Director

Department : Child Development

The Department is mandated to initiate, manage, implement coordinate, oversee and supervise the National Child Policy, the National Children’s Action Plan and to combat or fight streetism.

Name      :   Patricia Muyamwa

Position   :  Director

Department : Community Development

The Department is mandated to enhance the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable but viable people through the collective efforts to improve the social, economic and cultural conditions of the communities for sustainability, poverty reduction and national development.

Name      :   Dr.  David Phiri

Position   :  Director

Department : ICT

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