Doreen MwambaThe Minister

According to article 116 (2) of the Constitution of Zambia, “a minister shall be responsible, under the direction of the president, for the policy and strategic direction of a ministry, department or other state institution as assigned by the president”

This means that the Minister, Hon. Doreen Mwamba will be overseeing policy matters, the preparation of the annual budget and implementation plan, the preparation and implementation of the strategic plan, the development and design of social protection programmes among other tasks. Therefore, the Departments will have to work closely with the minister to ensure that the policy and strategic direction of the Ministry is consistent with government policy.

                                                                          Personal Details

Hon. Doreen Sefuke Mwamba is a nominated Member of Parliament and Minister of Community Development and Social Services in Zambia.

She was appointed on Tuesday 7th September, 2021. She is the UPND National Women’s Chairperson. Hon. Mwamba is passionate on issues relating to the promotion and protection of poor and vulnerable groups such as women, children, and Persons with Disabilities among others.

Contact Information for Office of the Minister

Personal Secretary
Jennipher Tembo
Tel: (260) 211 225348 



Racheal Kando

Tel: (260) 211 225348


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