The Permanent Secretary

To oversee the implementation of basic social protection services (Community Development, Social Welfare and Child Development) as well as the regulation of Non-Governmental Organisations in order to uplift the living standards of the poor and vulnerable for inclusive sustainable human and community development.

The Permanent Secretary accepts responsibility for the performance of the Ministry/Institution as a whole and undertakes to and provide an enabling environment that promotes effective service delivery and ensuring adherence to the Public Service Code of Conduct by all members of staff in the Ministry/Institution.

Personal Details

Ms Angela Chomba Kawandami is the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services in Zambia.

Contact Information for Office of the Permanent Secretary

Ms. Mwendalubi Ilutombi
Tel: (260) 211 225327

Ms. Liseli Liletunga

Postal Address

Office of the Permanent Secretary

Community House

Sadzu Road

Private Bag W252



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