About MCDSS - Mandate & Functions

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Statutory Mandate

The mandate of the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) is based on the Government Gazette Notice No. 1123 of 2021. The Ministry implements Basic Social Protection Services that seek to provide social assistance and promotional services (livelihood and empowerment) to the poor and vulnerable of our society. The services provided are aimed at enhancing human development and accelerating national development

Specific Functions

The Gazette Notice No. 1123 of 2021 sets out the portfolio functions of MCDSS as follows:

>> Adoption Services

>> Child Development

>> Child Policy

>> Child Welfare Services

>> Community Development Policy

>> Community Development Training

>> Disability Affairs Policy

>> Food Programme Management

>> Group Housing

>> Juvenile Correctional Services

>> Non-Formal Education Skills and Skills Training

>> Non-Governmental Organisations Policy

>> Persons With Disabilities

>> Probation Services

>> Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

>> Social Welfare Policy

>> Street Children

>> Supporting Self Help Initiative

>> Welfare Service and Counselling Organisations

Pieces of Legislation 

The MCDSS is also responsible for the administration of the following pieces of legislations:

>> Persons with Disabilities Act No. 6 of 2012;

>> Non-Governmental Organizations (Amendment) Act. No. 13 of 2020;

>> Probation of Offenders Act CAP 93;

>> Juveniles (Amendment) Act No. 3 of 2011; and

>> Adoptions Act CAP 54. 

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