The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) was established through a Presidential decree in 2016. This Ministry is key in providing and facilitating the provision of equitable social protection services to communities in order to contribute to sustainable human development.” It contributes to poverty reduction and improved quality of life of citizens in order to foster national development.
At Policy level, the Ministry is headed by a Cabinet Minister. At Executive level, the Ministry is headed by a Permanent Secretary. It has five (5) Directorate Departments as follows:-
Department of Human Resources and Administration;
Department of Planning and Information;
Department of Social Welfare;
Department of Community Development;
Department of Registrar of NGOs.
The following subjects are the mandate of the Ministry in accordance with Government Gazette No. 836 of 2016:
Adoption Services;
Child Welfare Services;
Community Development Policy;
Community Development Training;
Disability Affairs Policy;
Food Programme Management;
Group Housing;
Juvenile Correctional Services;
Non-Formal Education Skills and Skills Training;
Non-Governmental Organizations Policy;
Probation Services;
Persons with Disabilities;
Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities;
Social Welfare Policy;
Supporting Self-help Initiatives; and
Welfare Services and Counseling Organizations.
Statutory Bodies/Institutions:-
Children’s Homes;
Council of Non-Governmental Organisations;
Insakwe Probational Hostel;
Juvenile Correctional Institutions;
Nakambala Approved School;
National Trust for the Disabled;
National Vocational Rehabilitation Centre;
Ndola Training Centre for the Disabled;
Non-Governmental Organisations Registration Board;
Old People’s Homes;
Shelters for Victims of Gender Based Violence;
Transit Homes;
Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities;
Zambia National Library and Culture Centre for the Blind;
Statutory Functions
Statutory functions of the Ministry are supported by the following pieces of legislation:-
Adoptions Act Cap. 54;
Juveniles Act Cap 53;
Non-Governmental Organizations Act. No. 16 of 2009;
Persons with Disabilities Act. No. 6 of 2012;
Probation of Offenders Act Cap 93;