Policies and Strategic Plans

1. Ageing Policy

Zambia’s National Policy on Ageing defines an older person as one aged 60 years or older and the country’s current retirement threshold is 65 years. There are a number of challenges facing the elderly in Zambia which include social exclusion. Some suffer from isolation due to stigma. Download the Ageing Policy to learn more.

2. National Disability Policy

In February 2016, the Government of the Republic of Zambia launched the National Policy on Disability. The policy was launched in an effort to deal with the various challenges faced by persons with disabilities and ensure social and economic inclusion for these persons. Download the National Disability on Policy

3. National Social Protection Policy

The National Social Protection Policy (NSPP) was designed to contribute towards the alleviation of poverty, inequality, and vulnerability in the country. The government wants to have fewer people living in poverty. It also
wants everyone to feel supported when times are hard. Download the National Social Protection Policy